Taiwan Healthcare System and Hospitals in Taiwan Introduction

Taiwan Healthcare System – Among the World’s Best

Taiwan’s healthcare industry boasts state-of-the-art technology, well-trained professionals, a comprehensive range of specialties, and affordable costs. As a result, Taiwan has been recognized as a top medical travel destination. Many people from all over Asia, the Middle East, and North America choose to travel to Taiwan for premium medical care at a fraction of the price. In 2019 alone over 400,000 overseas patients came to Taiwan for medical attention, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

For years Taiwan’s healthcare services have been praised by foreign media outlets for its excellence. The strength of Taiwan’s healthcare system has been highlighted by CNN Special Report, Discovery Channel, and Hollywood documentaries. Taiwan has also won accolades from international institutions such as the Joint Commission International (JCI), The Economist, and Medical Tourism Association. Currently there are 13 hospitals in Taiwan that have received JCI accreditation.

From standard checkups to advanced treatment of complex illnesses with smart care systems and equipment, Taiwan healthcare system offers compassionate care everyone can appreciate. Our most recognized specialties include:

  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Joint Replacement
  • Artificial Reproduction
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Liver Transplantation
  • Craniofacial Reconstruction
  • Health Screening
  • Cosmetic Surgery

As part of the overall effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, hospitals in Taiwan have also played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of frontline medical staff. They have maintained strict infection controls for COVID-19, distributed work responsibilities, controlled the flow of patients and visitors, and ensured the availability of necessary medical resources such as negative-pressure isolation beds and PPEs.

Hospitals in Taiwan

Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital

Opened in the year 2006 as part of the Show Chwan health care system, Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital is a new concept in health facilities design: that integrates health, recreation, culture and entertainment, thus creating an atmosphere of care, comfort and relaxation for the patients.

Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital also has several international affiliations such as Johns Hopkins University in US, Tokyo Women’s Hospital in Japan, Vancouver General Hospital in Canada and Osaka Medical University also in Japan. It received JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation in 2009 and 2013.

Other specialties include cardiovascular center, gastroenterology center, MR-guided Focused Ultrasound center, radioiodine therapy center, reproduction medicine center, Da Vinci surgery center, minimally invasive bariatric surgery center, hyperbaric oxygen therapy center , LOHAS relaxing center, Venus beauty center, and preventive medicine center.

Show Chwan Healthcare System established “International Medical Center” in 2009, which provide treatment, clinic reservation, consultation, visa, transportation and accommodation for foreigner.

Chang Gung Medical Foundation

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) is a JCI accredited, multi-specialty hospital situated amidst the flourishing district of Linkou, Taiwan. Founded in 1978, CGMH has been listed among one of Taiwan’s largest, most prestigious, medical and educational centers, containing nearly 4,000 beds and a total of 29 specialty centers. Up to date, the hospital has trained more than 1,700 practicing physicians from 75 different countries in the last decade. Furthermore, it is estimated that a third of the Taiwanese population has sought treatment at Chang Gung. Not only does the hospital account for almost 10,000 out-patients a day, but it also receives the highest number of international patients in Taiwan, treating over 10,000 patients a year.

Today, CGMH has been recognized as a powerhouse and pioneer in remedial innovation, research, and teaching. It is also the largest academic center ever accredited by the Joint Commission International [JCI (2014-2017)]. Having been featured in National Geographic Channel’s documentary, “Taiwan’s Medical Miracle,” our hospital’s medical achievements are both nationally and internationally acclaimed. At Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, we prioritize patient-centered care, offering domestic, as well as cross-border, patients with quality medical services, state-of-the-art technology, and superior values.

 Joint Commision International (JCI)

Changhua Christian Medical Foundation Changhua Christian Hospital

CCH is the only medical center in the Changhua area. A “medical center” is entitled by the Department of Health, indicating that this medical institute is superior to the rest of local hospitals, in terms of its facility, staff, capability, technology and in its skills, and quality. For this reason, CCH is and has been the most important guardian for the health and well-being of the people in the Changhua area. This brochure helps you better understand CCH and allows this hospital to improve the health of you, your family, relatives, and friends.

To serve the general public, CCH provides emergency, outpatient, and inpatient services. Our emergency service is the best and most trusted in the whole Changhua County because the department, not only has a complete set of advanced equipment and a team of outstanding staff but also has the support of a comprehensive medical center. In recent years, it has always been the most popular emergency service in central Taiwan. Our outpatient department has a full range of medical specialties. It covers almost all kinds of illnesses. As long as you come to CCH, we can assign a doctor of the right specialty to serve you. Our inpatient department is also regarded as the most important medical resource in the area. We have the largest and best-equipped intensive care units and specialty wards. In other words, no matter how complicated and serious your sickness is, CCH is capable to take care of you. To best serve emergency patients, outpatients, and inpatients, we offer the most advanced laboratory, examination facilities, invasive procedures, and operation theaters.

Cheng Hsin General Hospital

Cheng Hsin General Hospital was established in 1967 by Madame Chiang Mayling Soong, as a rehabilitation medical center dedicated to children suffering from polio. Today, Cheng Hsin has grown into a comprehensive general teaching hospital, surrounded by the beautiful gardens of Taiwan.

In addition to the treatment of polio, Cheng Hsin serves patients in the areas of Cardiovascular Medicine, Otolaryngology, and Orthopedic Surgery. Cheng Hsin boasts advanced medical devices, such as the da Vinci Surgical System, dual-source CT scanner, as well as the first cardiovascular hybrid operation room in Taiwan.

In 2010 Cheng-Hsin celebrated the 24th anniversary of its first heart transplantation. During the ceremony the hospital welcomed three recipients commemorating 20 years of life after heart transplantation—the longest standing record in Asia.

Chi Mei Medical Center

Chi Mei Medical Center (CMMC) was established in 1968. CMMC is a modern, fully equipped medical center with more than 2400 beds capacity. We are the largest integrated health care system in the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan area.

We provide high quality health services to more than 2 million patients. Our Core Values are: Compassion, Accountability and Effectiveness.

The features of CMMC include acute and critical medical care, health examination, and medical aesthetic service. CMMC has a team of excellent and experienced specialists, outstanding technology, and state of the art equipments to provide all inclusive care with humanity and compassion.

 Joint Commision International (JCI)

China Medical University Hospital

Established in 1980, China Medical University Hospital was the first hospital in Taiwan to integrate Chinese and Western medicine. JCI-accredited since 2010, China Medical offers eight comprehensive medical specialty centers, including a Stroke Center, Cancer Center, Trauma and Emergency Center, Heart and Vascular Center, Organ Transplantation Center, Neuropsychiatry Center, Kidney Institute, and Preventive Medicine Center.

Committed to medical excellence, clinical research, and the modernization of Chinese medicine, many of the procedures performed at China Medical are accompanied by Chinese medicine and Chinese rehabilitation strategies. China Medical’s mission is supported by the academic exchange and cooperative agreements with the University of South Carolina, US; MD Anderson Cancer Center, US; and Policlinico San Matteo at the University Pavia, Italy.

China Medical’s International Medical Services Center offers a particularly extensive variety of treatments, including travel planning; lodging arrangements for patients and families; transportation; air ambulance; translation of medical documents; language translation in Arabic, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese; customized meals and nutrition services; communication support by telephone and internet; health examinations for patients and families; shopping, sightseeing, and tourism planning; discharge planning; and assistance before, during, and after hospitalization.

Located in Taichung, the largest city in central Taiwan, China Medical has ready access to scenic areas such as Sun Moon Lake and Mount Ali National Park, a plus for recovering international patients.”

 Joint Commision International (JCI)

E-Da Hospital

E-Da Healthcare Group (EDHG), located in Kaohsiung City, southern part of Taiwan, is comprised of E-DA Hospital, E-DA Cancer Hospital and E-DA Dachang Hospital. EDHG is one of destinations for medical travel/medical tourism. The followings are five main reasons explain why EDHG has been a healthcare destination for overseas patients. China, Hongkong, Vietnam, US, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Philippines, Japan, Canada are main origins of our overseas patients. An overseas patient is someone who is neither a resident in Taiwan nor covered by Taiwan’s National Health Insurance (NHI) program.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

Founded in 1981, the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital serves more than 4000 outpatients daily, with more than 1000 inpatient beds. Accredited by TJCHA as a Medical Center in 2006, Far Eastern is full-service hospital with 44 specialties.

Far Eastern is well known for cardiovascular services; oncology; heart, kidney, liver, and cornea transplantation; and an array of minimally invasive surgeries. The hospital’s minimally invasive surgery team uses a da Vinci® Surgery System for general surgery and specialized cardiovascular, gynecologic, and urologic surgeries.

Far Eastern supports international patients with several services, including travel planning, itinerary reservation, medical consultation, appointment arrangements, transportation, currency exchange, and billing coordination.

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital is the one and only medical center on the east of Taiwan. Under the protection and blessing of Master Cheng Yen and Tzu Chi volunteers from all over the world, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital was established on the 17th of August 1986 and have more than 300 specialists and 800 nurses. Today, the hospital performs a wide range of procedures, from organ transplantations to laser cosmetic surgeries and high-tech health screenings. Other specialty areas include stroke treatment, stem cell research, malignant tumor treatment, and orthopedic surgery (especially total knee replacements, ankylosing spondylitis corrections, and minimally invasive spinal surgeries).

In 1993, the Stem Cell Center, a bone marrow registry to save people with blood diseases, was established. More than 400,000 donors are now registered. In its twenty years of operation, the center has helped find donors for more than 4,000 patients in 29 countries.

In 1996, Tzu Chi International Medical Association was just founded and now, the organizations are distributed to 24 countries and have over 58 locations. No matter in the cities or off-track mountains and seacoast, medical staff and volunteers always give great love and save the poor and the sick unselfishly.
Since 2001, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital has been received a lot of overseas patients referred from the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri lanka… As demands from other countries are apparently increasing, the International Health Service Center was established on Jan. 2012. We can offer you a personal coordinator, guide and assist you through every aspect of your medical journey.

Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Established in January 1986, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is one of the medical institutions of the Chang Gung Medical Foundation. It is a medical center with 73 clinical departments and divisions, 16 specialty centers, nearly 3,000 beds and over 5,500 staff, with daily services to over 6,900 outpatients and 370 emergency patients. To deliver high quality medical services, the Hospital adopts a patient-centered approach, implements standardized operation procedures and safety practices, and encourages innovations in teaching, research and medical services. At the International Medical Center (IMC), we serve to provide prioritize quality medical services for our cross-border patients, cutting-edge technology and superior values.

 Joint Commision International (JCI)

Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital

Medical University Chung Ho Memorial Hospital, established in 1957, is a multispecialty hospital in southern Taiwan with 1708 beds, all equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and first-class services. Chung Ho’s specialties include Cardiovascular Intervention and Cardiac Surgery, Craniofacial and Cosmetic Surgery, Orthopedics, Reproductive Medicine, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Pediatrics.

The International Medical Service Center and the VIP International Wards were established in August 2009. The primary mission of these units is to integrate in-house and external collaborative resources to ensure friendly, pleasant, and private clinical space for international patients. Center services include travel planning; accommodation arrangements; language translation; medical referrals; appointment scheduling; transportation; outpatient and inpatient services; as well as assistance before, during, and after hospitalization.

 Joint Commision International (JCI)

MacKay Memorial Hospital

MacKay Memorial Hospital (Chinese: 馬偕紀念醫院), established in the 1880s, is the medical center with the longest history in northern Taiwan. MacKay Memorial Hospital has four campuses in northern, western, and eastern Taiwan. The hospital has nearly 3,500 beds and more than 8,800 employees. In 2016, MMH provided outpatient services to an average of 372,000 people every month. An average of 28,200 people a month received emergency care, and we provided inpatient services to an average of 9,300 people monthly.

MacKay Memorial Hospital (MMH) has a full range of medical specialties. We treat almost every type of illness. MMH has one of the largest and best-equipped intensive care units and specialty awards in Taiwan. Our medical teams consist of specialists from different departments providing patients with integrated and comprehensive care.

Located in a convenient downtown location close to Taipei 101, the National Palace Museum, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and other attractions, MacKay Memorial Hospital is only a walk away from local hotels ranging from 5-star hotels to budget accommodation.

Our four campuses make up a health network, providing health care and treatment for you in Taipei, Hsinchu, Hualien, and Taitung.

Main services: Reproductive medicine, Cardiac Surgery, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology joint replacement, health check, etc.

National Cheng Kung University Hospital

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Hospital is located in the historic city of Tainan, the island’s old capital. Tainan city on top of a deep and diverse culture, nowadays has a modern transportation system built among neighborhood of many ancient relics. NCKU Hospital was inaugurated on June 12, 1988, and was soon accredited in July 1993 as a Medical Center, a status which was renewed regularly ever since. Besides, NCKUH is the only national university-affiliated teaching hospital in southern Taiwan.

With 1342 beds, 34 departments of clinical care, 18 administrative departments and 3 departments of allied health, NCKUH provides a comprehensive range of specialties and high quality emergency, inpatient, outpatient, and health examination services

National Taiwan University Hospital

Established in 1895, National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) is affiliated with the National Taiwan University College of Medicine. NTUH provides a comprehensive range of specialty and subspecialty services with more than 2,300 beds in the main hospital and five branch hospitals throughout the island. This JCI-accredited facility treats more than 13,000 international patients each year.

NTUH employs more than 1,300 full-time physicians, surgeons, attending doctors, and medical residents. All physicians are certified; many have received advanced training in Europe, the US, or Japan. In recent years, NTUH has accomplished a number of groundbreaking clinical achievements, including Asia’s first successful positive cross-matched living donor kidney transplant in 2005 and Asia’s first robotics-assisted kidney transplant in 2012.

With medical techniques comparable to those in other advanced countries, NTUH offers high quality and efficient medical services to international visitors at a reasonable cost. NTUH is the leading hospital for cardiovascular treatment in Taiwan, treating around 3,400 cardiac catheterization cases every year. It has carried out more than 400 heart transplants, with a success rate exceeding 90 percent. NTUH’s Cardiovascular Center was officially opened in March 2012 and provides patients with a one-stop, comprehensive medical service.

NTUH established its International Medical Service Center in 2005 to support patients from overseas and from Mainland China. The center offers several services, including appointment scheduling, medical document transmission, billing coordination, doctor referrals, consultation, assistance with travel planning, accommodation arrangements, medical visa application, transportation, and language translation.

Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital

Established in 1992, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital is comprised 35 departments, with a total of 921 beds. Its state-of-the-art medical facilities and highly trained specialists enable it to provide top-quality diagnosis and treatment, and it was upgraded to a Medical Center after accreditation by the DOH.

Shin Kong’s Health Management Center was established in 2004 to promote disease prevention and early detection. This well regarded center offers one-stop health examination services. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment, including 256-slice computerized tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET/CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the center provides advanced screening for three top illnesses—cancer, cerebrovascular diseases (stroke), and cardiovascular diseases. Each screening is followed by a comprehensive consultation.

Health Management Center staff work closely with the International Medical Services Program launched by the Bureau of National Health Insurance to advocate the importance of preventative medicine. Through visits to Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao, center staff have reached out to Chinese patients and now provide comprehensive health screenings for many Chinese visitors to Taiwan.

Taichung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Taichung Hospital, which is located in the center of Taichung City, is a public hospital with long history. Since 1985, we are continuously providing the best medical service. Hopefully, every visitor can get healthy in our hospital with smiles on their faces.

For international visitors, we provide our medical strength–orthopedic minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and deluxe health examination. We have a strong medical group of orthopedic department, which is led by Dr. Chang, who is the clinical researchers in University of Pittsburgh and Cornell University. Apart from our professional medical team of orthopedic department, our health examination is well-qualified. It is certified by national institution—Joint Commission of Taiwan and Ministry of Health and Welfare, which enables us to operate health examination for foreigners to apply ARC(Alien Residency Certification).

In addition, we have international medical center making arrangement for international visitors, which also includes accommodation and transportation. Moreover, our medical group can speak fluent English, Japanese and Malaysian, which eliminates visitors’ worries of language barrier.

 Joint Commision International (JCI)

Taipei Medical University Hospital

Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH) was founded in 1976, providing patient-centered comprehensive medical services with over 800 beds, 39 specialty/subspecialty medical departments and 2000 medical staffs. TMUH was accredited three times by JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation since 2009, which recognizes the high-quality services and world-class patient care we provide.

Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Taipei Veterans General Hospital (VGH) was established in Shipai, Taipei on July 1, 1958. With an initial number of 600 beds, it has now expanded to nearly 3,100 beds and is regarded as an important National Medical Center in Taiwan. Later our hospital established branches in Taichung and Kaohsiung and has listed 7 other veterans hospitals as branches under its jurisdiction. Nevertheless, the hospital is still expanding its services, including services to remote areas.

Occupying an area of 30 hectares and employing almost 7,000 people, the hospital deals with a heavy work load with more than 20,000 people engaged in daily various activities within the hospital. The objectives of the hospital are as follows: to maintain the hospital as a world-class medical center and to be the first choice for people, to provide courteous and warm treatment for patients, to pursue excellence, to adhere to moral principles, and to recognize core values of abiding the law and trustworthiness.

Taoyuan General Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Originally known as Taoyuan Provincial Hospital, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health, Taiwan Provincial Government, the Taoyuan General Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare, is located near the central area of the Provincial Highway 1 in the Greater Taoyuan region. Officially established on December 15, 1979, the hospital provided medical services on par with those of a medical center to the residents in the Greater Taoyuan region, which was lacking in medical resources. Due to government streamlining policies, the hospital was transferred under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health, Executive Yuan in July 1999. The Sinwu Branch of the Taoyuan General Hospital was officially established in July 2003 to serve the residents of rural villages. Due to structural reforms of the Executive Yuan, the hospital was renamed as Taoyuan General Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare on July 23, 2013.
Since its establishment, the Hospital has implemented a substantial two-way cooperative education with the National Taiwan University Hospital, and a groundbreaking physician and instructor dual-employment system to recruit outstanding medical staff. Receiving strong support from the former Taiwan Provincial Government and the respect of the local residents, the system has successfully facilitated the upgrade and improvement of the hospital equipment.

 Joint Commision International (JCI)

Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital

Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital, conveniently located in central Taiwan, is just six minutes away from the international airport. Tungs’ received JCI accreditation in 2008 and was re-accredited in 2012. Specialties include Orthopedics, Cardiovascular Surgery, Brain Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and treatment of kidney disease.
Tungs’ also provides 24 hour year-round international medical transport service that has successfully transported more than 500 patients. The hospital offers a variety of international patient services, including appointment scheduling, transportation, language translation, and transparent pricing.


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