Face Mask Machine & Face Mask Filling Machine Manufacturer List

On strategic status, Government and companies compose the production lines for face masks. Companies development vaccines and negative pressure isolation room design.

Face mask machine & face mask filling machine manufacturer list

How has Taiwan, with its close proximity to China, managed the COVID-19 crisis so gracefully? The answer is face masks. Although 90 percent of face masks are imported into Taiwan, the epidemic caused a huge increase in mask demand. With global supplies shrinking, Taiwan was left with no other choice but to produce face masks domestically.

Rapidly increasing face mask production in Taiwan has not been easy. Taiwan’s domestic face mask industry is not very profitable. Most face mask filling machine manufacturers in Taiwan relocated to other parts of the world more than 20 years ago. The remaining face mask machines and related equipment manufacturers in Taiwan are very small with limited staff. As a result, fulfilling government face mask goals has been a challenge, and building 60 new face mask production lines could take four to six months.

How is Taiwan facing the face mask supply bottleneck?

At the end of February, Taiwan’s Executive Yuan invested NT$180 million to fight coronavirus and commission face mask machine makers (face mask filling machine manufacturers) to build up 60 face mask production lines for face masks. The task force took the initiative to set up 60 production lines within one month, without asking for any remuneration, making Taiwan the second largest mask-producing country in the world.

Taiwan’s machine tool industry has a high local content rate, mostly concentrated in the central region of Taichung. This area has a large number of manufacturers able to produce parts and components of high quality and stability.

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, posted a video on Facebook praising the local production of face masks. The face mask machines shown in the video were made in Taiwan by NCM Nonwoven Converting Machinery Co., Ltd. The company’s export sales have grown exponentially, about 600%, since the start of the pandemic, with inquiries mainly coming from – Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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Face mask machines and face mask filling machine manufacturers from Taiwan


Face Mask Machines

Healthy Machinery Co.Ltd.

Mask making machine

NCM Nonwoven Converting Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mask making machine

HiGreat Technology Co., Ltd.

Mask making machine

King Ultrasonic Co., Ltd.

Mask making machine


Supter Ultrasonic Co., Ltd.

Mask making machine

Chang Hong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mask making machine

Ever Green Ultrasonic Co., Ltd.

Mask making machine

Top Rank Machinery Inc.

Mask making machine

DY Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Mask making machine


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